Addons Detector v3.65 APK + MOD (Donate Unlocked)

are you tired of being sucked into ads on sites or pop-ups appearing? If so, then Add-ons Detector can help you deal with the most efficient and provide an organized website on your computer. The program is continually updated and will offer amazing features to address the issue of information. Recent features are constantly making their way into the real world and are able to meet the demands of modern times.

Addons Detector

Unique detection ability

If you inform the application what install add-ons you’d like to find It will assist in detecting it. In a short amount of time, and using its unique detection capabilities it will display it in the shortest time feasible. When it is detected, the application will show a variety of extras that can be found in the setting.

Addons Detector


Once you have found it, you can decide whether to keep or delete it, based on your requirements. If it is removed, add-ons Detector provides a variety of options to select from, whether the standard method or speedier processing. After removal, obviously, it is not possible of returning to the app.


The app is immediately equipped with an exclusive blocking feature. When used to its fullest extent, will help promote its capabilities, including blocking. Stopping add-ons from returning will make your device more visible and will stop any obscure information from appearing. There are many devices with secure passwords that are available to prevent the add-on from having an opportunity to gain access to your device.


Addons Detector

This scanner is a novel feature that the app has fully utilized. Many are concerned that the extension will be redirected to your device or that it’s a hidden program that is difficult to spot and now the scanner can show its capabilities. The scanner will remove unwanted add-ons and push them out quickly. The scanner is in the process of being finished and will help us greatly.

Addons Detector

Principal Features

  • Allow users to easily identify unwanted add-ons and assist in handling the problem faster.
  • Use unique selection methods to make your device perfect.
  • The operation of HTML0 is generalized for these add-ons and provides us with the most basic details.
  • Speedy effective processing of any add-on by an individual processor that is used by this software.
  • Live scanners are available in the app for this purpose, but this time to locate additional add-ons that are not visible.

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