Advanced Download Manager APK MOD v14.0.6 (Pro Unlocked)

Advanced Download Manager is launching a new version that everyone can make use of to accelerate the process of downloading files via the internet. Each time you download information from outside sources, you can monitor and review the process and influence it to reduce the time. Additionally, the convenience of downloading three documents at a time can save you a significant amount of time. The software is always innovating and releasing helpful updated versions. One of them could be described as the latest version of the interface and menu editing.

Advanced Download Manager Detail

The content included in Advanced Download Manager includes the control of download information that is geared toward the user. By using a couple of easy processes that make them standard commands, all interactions with the application are managed.

In Advanced Download Manager If the user taps the file that they want to download, the download will be stopped or started, based on the number of times they touch it. If you are patient until the display finishes the process, you are able to press the task to open them, and then look them up. Additionally, to facilitate users to manage download details the system lets users expand their files by pressing and holding themAdvanced Download Manager

Customization of Interfaces and Themes

  1. Select the folder that contains the files that you downloaded by Advanced Download Manager
  2. various automatic actions following having completed
  3. Save various file types in various folders
  4. Create an empty file to speed up the download speed
  5. Autostop process when the battery’s charge level is low
  6. Import a list of hyperlinks from a text file stored on an SD card
  7. Auto resumes after mistakes and disconnects
  8. Plan to begin downloading when it is appropriate
  9. Turbo mode to speed up downloads
  10. determining the dimensions of your file, and the gorgeous name
  11. Backup listing of downloads and settings
  12. Profiles for every type of connection
  13. Automated operation on the schedule
  14. support quick auto-add download

Official information sources about ADM

Advanced Download Manager download and link between them, this is done with your permission. When using a native link, users can simply tap and hold it to open a new window.

I will ask a few simple questions to help you resolve security issues when connecting. The user taps Advanced Download Manager to finish this step. Additionally tapping and holding could also open a window that allows sharing the link and an information source for the application. It is also possible to use this technique to save them, and let the clipboard insert them in ADM Editor to complete the easy connection process.

Discover The System Features

Advanced Download Manager        Advanced Download Manager

Speed and convenience are two main reasons why users stay with the program. Each download can only download three files simultaneously and the process will go smoothly. However, the toolbars accessible via the settings will allow users to change information regarding the process of downloading, speed duration, or safety. Certain actions with the file could make it easier to load Let’s look at a few of the actions that are guided by the system. The source of the download is within the browser and the clipboard The user is able to search for the information that he needs and then waits for the results to be displayed.

Straightforward Interface

Advanced Download Manager is also the most suitable choice when you are able to access the most straightforward interface. Users will see the progress bar in a transparent form on every new window and tap it to open. The downloaded files are listed in a list that includes complete details like the name of the file weight, date of download, and time to complete. It is recommended to keep a separate folder for each and transfer important files and arrange the files in a convenient way for use. The best features for downloading and storage of files are available in this program.

Control all downloading

Advanced Download Manager supports users to download any file using a simple and quick process to speed up the time. In addition, the convenience of being capable of downloading multiple files or performing other features using the device while downloading can help the application get backing from a lot of users. With the help of a simple interface that allows you to control all downloading, as well as the information on files as well as manage the time between downloads. The close association of the program with specific links that you have provided allows the download to smooth and free of issues.


Advanced Download Manager       Advanced Download Manager

  • Users utilize the application to speed up the downloading of a single file, or several files at once. The settings can be adjusted to alter the commands you wish the program to perform.
  • Explore more advanced management techniques with all functions neatly organized within your main user interface. When you submit a request the system will take immediate action that can be taken through the program.
  • Linking apps with different websites will increase download speed. But, users must manually add the links and then grant permission to proceed with the steps.
  • Special features are designed to provide the best experience to each user. All downloaded files are kept in the memory of the application and you are able to check them out and locate them easily.
  • A possible development within the process of setting up a basic operating model. All the information that you require for your life and work in one program. There is always room to download the information you need.

Super-powerful downloader is available for Android

  • downloading from the internet up to five files at once;
  • Accelerated downloading using the multithreading (16 parts)
  • intercepting hyperlinks from Android browsers and clipboards;
  • Download files from the background, and then resume after failure
  • loader for documents, images archives, programs, and images;
  • downloading to SD cards to download Lollipop as well as Marshmallow
  • A smart algorithm to improve the speed of downloading
  • Downloading is only possible via the internet via Wi-Fi
  • The boost downloader is available for 3G, 2G, and 4G networks.
  • altering the speed of maximum acceleration in real time;
  • Downloader for music and video; downloader
  • restarting downloads after interruptions
  • Supports files bigger than 2 gigabytes.
  • parallel download files in the queue.

Advanced Download Manager downloader

  1. The addition of magnet and torrent through the editor, clipboard browser, and file explorer
  2. Selection of the necessary files and folders and folders.
  3. Display their size and types, searching using names and sorting
  4. In the Right Menu, you can filter torrents and Seeding
  5. In the left menu, you can find quick choices, in Settings, a new section called torrent has all sorts of choices.
  6. The Properties window provides information on torrents, Site Manager supports profiles for them.

Clean Interface

  • light material design
  • Sort by type or status
  • Menu left with quick alternatives
  • Context menu for easy management
  • Sorting downloads according to name, size, and order
  • You can open files that have been completed using the apps you love
  • Details regarding downloading size, speed, time, etc
  • Support for pause or resume downloads
  • The creation of profiles that are advanced for websites
  • Fine-tuning each download
  • The widget is located on the main screen.

Extended Notifications

  • An icon that shows speed and progress on the notification panel
  • A transparent progress bar at the top of all windows
  • Notification of completion via sound or vibration.

Built-in ADM Browser

  1. Support of multiple tabs in Advanced Download Manager
  2. Advanced Media Downloader like Advanced Download Manager
  3. History and bookmarks of Advanced Download Manager
  4. It is easy to send files to the downloader
  5. Download mp3s from the most popular archives
  6. Intercepting of mp4 video from tube
  7. Easy downloader for all kinds of files
  8. Download accelerator to social networks
  9. Option “User-Agent” fake version of the browser

Simple control for downloads

  1. Click on the download to begin or stop the process.
  2. Click on the complete download button to display the downloaded file.
  3. A long click on download to show the contextual menu.

Include URL links in ADM

  1. Click on the link, and then from the window “Complete action by using” choose ADM Editor.
  2. If you want to press a long link to show the context menu, then press “Share” as well as “Send” and then from that window “Share via” choose ADM Editor.
  3. Copy the link when the program reads it off the clipboard, and forward the file to ADM Editor or press” Add” to paste the link “Add” button to paste the link.

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