B612 Camera MOD APK 11.2.16 (Premium Unlocked/ No Watermark)

B612 Camera is the best thing about photo editing app that you get to enhance your pictures, improve your videos, and share your masterpieces with your friends.

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About B612 Camera MOD APK

B612 Mod Apk is one of the best editing apps on the market because it gives users the freedom to intervene where required so you are not restricted when cropping, hiding, or adding elements to your images. Most editing apps work within a framework, this means that you can only make alterations in places pre-determined by the software.

B612 Camera MOD APK Features

With features like Instagram and Vine, you can share your memories with family and friends like never before! The old days of printing photographs or making slideshows can be a distant memory with little effort. Just a quick post and SHAZAM! You have the power to share pretty much anything, at any time, anywhere!

B612 Camera MOD APK Filters

There are a lot of filters, color treatments, and text overlays you can use during live videos. For example, you can change the speed of a video; add animation effects like bouncy edges, wavy lines, and spiral colors; or overlay captions, emoji, or image objects (like stickers).

Some examples would include adding sound to your video as well as allowing your audience members to comment on the live video feed! Music is another option to add some flare and excitement to any live video. You could also use music from someone else’s library that you know and love so it matches with the broadcast.

Create your own filters

If a picture is off-center, too small, or includes parts you want to hide completely then you’re stuck with it and there’s nothing you can do about it.​​​​​​​ However, ​the picture is almost never perfect straight away and needs some tweaking. On top of that, there are bound to be some features (faces especially) that you want out and new ones in.

B612 MOD APK v11.0.15 is Smarter CAMERA

Plus, they won’t always require you to buy a subscription plan in order to perfect your content. But the worst part about them is that the app structures don’t allow you complete control over what edits you can make on a picture or video.

Luckily, there is an app called B612 Mod Apk that contains all of the same photo & video editing features but without the need for payments in order to expand your available capabilities!

Or you can add music to videos to make them sound more interesting. You can also use your own music files and make your videos have sounded just like the sounds you like.

ALL-IN-ONE PRO editing feature

  • Enjoy basic, professional-grade tools.
  • Various Filters & Effects: From retro to emotional modern style! Create the atmosphere you want.
  • Advanced Color Edit: Experience precise color editing with tools such as professional curves, split tone, and HSL that brings out details.
  • More natural portrait edit: Complete your pic of the day with beauty effects, body edit, and hair color styling.
  • Edit Videos: Anyone can edit videos easily with trendy effects and various music.
  • Borders and Crop: Simply adjust the size and ratio and upload it to social media.
  • Decoration Stickers & Texts: Decorate your photos with various stickers and texts! You can also make custom stickers and use them.

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