Redbreast Irish Whiskey

While the Irish will claim to have created whisky, it wasn't until the Middle Ages that Irish monks transported distillation methods to Scotland. Even Nevertheless, throughout the ages, the two whiskies developed into highly different styles due to the narrow distance between them.

The Jameson Distillery is the place where Redbreast Irish Whisky was first created in the early 20th century. With its "redbreast" appellation, which was inspired by the unique feathers of the European Robin, a bird long regarded as a sign of good luck and prosperity in Ireland, the whisky pays homage to the historic legacy of Irish distillation. This rich and smooth whisky swiftly developed a loyal following both domestically and abroad, solidifying its status as a beloved historical spirit.

The exquisite workmanship that goes into making Redbreast Irish Whisky sets it distinct from its competitors. Pure pot still whisky, a traditional Irish technique, makes up the majority of the mix. Malted and unmalted barley are used in conjunction during the distillation process to produce a flavour profile that is full-bodied and rich. The whisky is then perfectly blended with nuances of vanilla, spice and dried fruit while it ages in a variety of seasoned oak casks. Each sip of Redbreast epitomises the time-honored history of Irish whisky production, bringing to mind the cosiness and warmth of a real Irish pub.

Redbreast Irish Whisky is a symbol of Irish identity and culture, and it goes incredibly well with the lively and friendly ambiance of an Irish pub. Redbreast honours the sense of fellowship and community that characterises the essence of an Irish bar with its centuries-old craftsmanship and genuine flavours. It is more than just a beverage; it is a symbol of the lasting tradition of Irish whisky production and a vital component in creating cherished shared experiences. So raise a glass of Redbreast and toast to the enduring heritage of Irish hospitality and the allure of the Emerald Isle the next time you find yourself in an Irish pub Fort Lauderdale. Sláinte!