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CSS exam, also known as The CSS exam or the Central Senior Service exam is a highly competitive examination administered through the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) every time throughout the year (usually around February) simultaneously across the entire territory of Pakistan.

The test consists of 1200 points with 600 points for subjects with compulsory requirements along with 600 points for elective subjects. The subjects that are optional must be cautiously chosen from the list on the FPSC website.

The introduction of the CSS Exam App

Applications are generally open on the 1st of October each year. The deadline for deciding on your optional subject, filling out an online application, then sending your application in its original form to the FPSC office in Islamabad is typically the next day. October 30 each year.

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CSS Exam Featured

CSS Exam Companion for CSS Exam Pakistan was designed in order to aid students who are working towards the intense Central Superior Services (CSS) exam. It includes past exams as well as a syllabus, recommended books, and a specially-designed practice exam MCQ for all compulsory subjects.

The app supports optional subjects and is anticipated to be available soon.

CSS Exam Importance

1) All past exams till 2020 exams.
3.) A customized practice MCQ program that will provide you with a thorough analysis of your performance.
4.) Check your performance on the entire subject matter in graphic

The optional subjects must be carefully selected within the groups designated as stated on the FPSC website.

CSS Exam APP Summary

The application process usually opens on the 1st of October of each year. The deadline for you to select your preferred topics, fill out the online application and send your completed applications to the FPSC office in Islamabad is usually the 30th of October of every year. The idea is to complete the process at least a week in advance to not be rushed at the last minute.

  • These are the Compulsory examinations with 100 marks each
  • English Essay
  • English Precis & Composition
  • Islamic Studies (or Comparative Religion for non-Muslims)
  • Pakistan Affairs
  • Current Affairs
  • General Science & Ability

In 2020, 38,000 students applied to take the test. A total of 17,000 appeared and from those, around 270 candidates were chosen to go on to the next stage of selection i.e. interview.

Download CSS Exam latest 8.7 Android APK

According to FPSC statistics, the majority of students fail their English Essay and English Precis & Composition. The majority of students pass the test on the 2nd or 3rd try. A maximum of three attempts are permitted when you are younger than 30 unless you’re an employee of the government or reside in Azad Kashmir. In that, the age limit is 32.

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