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Begin your journey in one of the most terrifying games and scary Horror games!
In the dark, you’ll discover yourself in a terrifying city full of secrets, monsters, and excitement. Get involved and protect your sister from the clown. Find out the mysteries of Death Park as well as the story of the frightening clown!

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About Death Park 2

Are you prepared to face your fears and the different monsters that have swept Farland? Do you have the ability to handle the many challenges that lie ahead in this horror tale?

Death Park 2 with challenging puzzles

There are 8 massive locations, including the streets, hospitals, cemetery sewer, and military bases. You’ll have the ability to switch from the world of sleep to the dream world of sleep to solve puzzles and take on a frightening clown as well as various creatures.

We devoted special focus to puzzles that now have two difficulty levels. Also, the puzzles change each challenge! Try to complete Death Park 2 with challenging puzzles! Only a handful of players can do it.

play our horror

If you are a fan of science fiction, and especially such terrifying games as Silent Hill, Dead Space, Evil Nun, and Granny you must definitely play our horror!

There are numerous endings to our shooter, and both your survival and the end of the story are contingent on your choices and actions. Do you have the ability to unlock all possibilities of the thriller’s endings?

Features of Death Park 2

Really frightening clown, with many weapons and monsters
8 endings: The outcome is dependent on your choices!
Unique puzzles featuring two difficulty levels.
Big World: the whole city of 8 places
Fantastic graphics
Original author’s original soundtrack

Frightful survival horror shooter

The ultimate experience in horror with intense gameplay, sudden screaming, and a terrifying atmosphere Choose one of our best games for horror and you’ll be content! Monsters, adventure along with a vast map most important of all, the terrifying Clown will be waiting in this frightful survival horror shooter that is at no cost! Enjoy your time with your friend!

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