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If you’re feeling ill, it’s important to not waste too much time in the waiting room. With, we bring a home visit to you! With us, you can take care of important matters at home quickly and easily using our app with only the touch of a finger (and the assistance from a qualified physician who comes via video chat on your screen).

About App

Going to the doctor when you’re ill is not always ideal – who wants to spend a long time in the waiting room and then wait even longer while they are trying to diagnose you? With Dr. Now, there is an easier way! With our app, you can enjoy symptom testing in the comfort of your own home. Qualified doctors visit you virtually via the screen for a one-on-one consultation. And decide which medical specialists are needed if necessary and book them directly online.


The Advantages of the App

  1.  to the consultation hour in a few minutes
  2. Large network of competent doctors
  3. Online transfers, prescriptions & sick leave
  4. Your health insurance company bears the treatment costs


How does the app work?

We’ve been helping European patients throughout Europe for over a decade now. We can proudly say that we’ve already helped over one million people through our app so if you’d like it to be your next billion-dollar idea then go ahead and download it here:

  • Clarify all medical questions from the comfort of your own home
  •  Use our online consultation hours with specialists licensed in Germany
  •  Have your prescriptions issued online – and redeem them online.

You can also get bank transfers and sick notes directly on your smartphone. We offer a fantastic solution for those with health insurance but it’s especially handy if you don’t have any. By being able to get medical advice, prescriptions, and healthcare services right on your cellphone, you can save yourself a pretty penny while also enjoying the best possible healthcare provided by our team of specialists who work day and night to provide you with solutions in a prompt manner.

Personal video consultation

Would you like to see a doctor straight away? No problem! Simply register with the app and first select your symptoms. In just a few minutes you can communicate directly with our professional team of specialists via video chat to get immediate feedback on your condition.

Flexible dates for online consultation hours:
Use the app regardless of the usual practice opening hours and benefit from our flexibility. Whether in the evening or at the weekend.

Online doctor’s appointment – ​​also for children:
Our doctors are also happy to help children and young people online. You don’t have to create a separate profile for your children, you can simply add them to your profile. Otherwise, everything works the same as with adults.

Sick leave via telemedicine:
Do you need a certificate of incapacity for work (AU) for your employer? This is also very easy to do with the app. You can forward the digital AU directly to your employer and your health insurance company.

Have prescriptions issued online:
Not only can you get advice online, but you can also have your personal prescriptions issued directly via the app. Farewell to long waiting times.

Privacy? Why surely!
Especially when it comes to your own health, you want to know that your sensitive data is in safe hands. With the app, we guarantee the highest level of data protection in accordance with the GDPR.

What symptoms can I use the app for?
There are symptoms where a personal visit to the doctor cannot be avoided. But in many areas, telemedicine can help or be used as a supplement. We offer competent remote treatment for these health categories:
• Coronavirus
• Skin problems
• Gynecology
• Paediatrics
• Allergies & intolerances
• Infections & Inflammation
• Lungs & Airways
• Gastrointestinal
• Kidneys & urinary tract

Who we are

We are the second largest European company that provides digital-physical healthcare. We provide specialized tools and technologies so as to expedite your recovery process.

Our service is already being used by over a million satisfied patients at, which is a company located in Sweden founded in 2016. Telemedicine is another tool we can use to improve our services by giving us the ability to bring new treatments online quickly and more cost-effectively than ever before – it’s just another way for us to modernize our business and serve you better!

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