Efectum v2.0.61 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

The continuous creation of videos is exclusive to our top video editing software called Electrum. Use this app to transform your videos into beautiful films with clear HD image quality. You can make professional videos that feature a distinctive mix of functions and powerful effects. A variety of innovative features like cutting, merging, speed editing, and more are available in this software.

Efectum v2.0.61 APK + MOD

CUT or MIX, or adjust VIDEO SPEED

Video editing software is probably not new to many people nowadays, and certainly, Electrum is one of the most well-known applications. You can make a lot of vibrant videos or vlogs, and then share the videos on social media platforms with this program. It is important to regularly utilize features of video editing like cropping in order to eliminate unnecessary footage. You can also combine smaller videos to make a complete video. Users can also modify the video to a rapid or slow speed according to their preference.


Efectum v2.0.61 APK + MOD

Alongside the standard software, Efectum also offers users numerous other tools. Rewind is a feature to return to the original time of the video to edit which will make the video even more perfect. In addition, you can use the music pairing feature that makes your videos vibrant and draws in a lot of viewers. You can select music from the app or upload using the available audio tracks from your phone.


Everyone has an artistic bloodline. you can make a variety of masterpieces using the videos you make. To achieve this allows our app to assist you. Users can select their preferred film colors using our filter. You can pick any color that matches your film, and you could even mix a variety of different filters in order to make a work of art.


There is no stopping you from using Electrum. You are able to create a lot of the most impressive videos that have a unique quality. For help in creating an outstanding video, you must make use of the features in the application. It is possible to create a variety of videos using a variety of scenes. You can also add slo-mo effects that create a romantic video and romantic. The scene should be fast-paced and make it an action-packed and dramatic video.

Select a wide range of diverse VIDEOS

You might not be able to imagine the benefits this app will bring to you. If you’d like to make your own video size, it is possible to add multiple videos in order to create an incredible Vlog. You can add multiple clips to your video, to help keep the excitement flowing. Make use of transitions to make your video smoother when stitching the videos. The motion is smooth and there are no glitches within your videos.

Efectum v2.0.61 APK + MOD


Make your own most impressive videos and then upload your videos for the entire world to see. The videos you create with the application are able be shared with family and friends or other social media platforms like youtube as well as Instagram… and to ensure that your videos are able to get a lot of views they must be flawless in the quality of your images to every frame. In the absence of a way to achieve that, users could make multiple frames using Efectumand combine them into a video. The result will be more appealing to the eyes and will not go outside of the frame.

The most important features of the product are

  • Trim or crop and combine the video to make the complete video.
  • Modifying the speed of the video to suit the frame, and reducing or speeding up is not difficult.
  • Music can be merged into videos, search for music in apps, or upload from your own folder.
  • It can be combined with other options like slo-mo and speed-motion for videos.
  • Combine multiple videos in one video and include frames in all your videos.

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