Fuel Flash MOD APK | Get The Latest Fuel Prices in Germany 2022

Fuel Flash MOD APK Get the latest fuel prices from more than 70,000 petrol stations in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. These fuel prices are provided by local authorities and are regularly updated!

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Get the latest fuel prices near me by Fuel Flash MOD APK

We examined fuel prices in 7 countries and noticed that German motorists pay the most per gallon

Check Fuel prices in 7 countries

  1. Germany
  2. Austria (diesel, premium, and CNG only)
  3. Luxembourg
  4. France
  5. Spain
  6. Portugal (excludes Madeira and the Azores)
  7. Italy

Fuel Flash Functions

✔ Search: Current location or manual location
✔ Display the result as a list or map
✔ Opening Hours
✔ Price alert
✔ Price history as the chart
✔ Mark your favorite gas stations
✔ Report incorrect information (e.g. incorrect petrol prices or addresses)

Required Permissions

● Location:

Required for search

● Get access to all networks/network connections:
The gas station data is downloaded from the internet, so you need an active internet connection.


Just d/l this app, seems like all my local service stations are recorded with totally the wrong price… Edit, the price shown is wrong but if you click on that petrol station it will take you to the correct price so in fact its just the seen on the home screen that is wrong. Sorry to developers for misleading words. Maybe you can change the app so it shows correct price on home screen. Xiaomi 9T Pro phone. France.

Hit or miss. This message is to clarify about my previous statement. The fuel prices in question were the same price for days each time never changed. All of them ten cents more then what was posted and each time I sent a message on the app that it was the wrong price. This did nothing until the last one where I sent like ten messages that it was the wrong price and then finally they change it.

My favourite fuel station lookup app, I’ve tried others, and despite its simple appears, I find it’s the most useable. Nice to have in the future would be automatically calculating the price of a full tank and or price per kilometre.

The perfect fuel app. Can’t say anything except it perfectly works for it’s purpose. If I had a feature wish to make, I would love to see a field which says: recommend to refuel right now or to wait, based on the price development of the last hours.

Good App, but i missing a Notification when the fuel is cheap! That would be very great.

Die App ist irreführend, da sie zur gegebenen Uhrzeit falsche Preise anzeigt. Geschehen in Österreich … … der Preise an einer angegebenen Tankstelle wich leider nicht nach unten ab, sondern deutlich nach oben (obwohl die Uhrzeit aktuell war). Ärgerlich!

The information is great, the UI terrible.

I checked in Spain and France,some cheapest gas stations in Spain required special club cards usually those far from the civilization 🙂 and there is no possible to fuel with normal credit cards

Best among all tested. Simple use and we’ll updated.

The prices are showing 1.61€ in Hildesheim. But on the tank station the prices vary from 1.64€ to 1.68€ a ltr??? Looking for a new app.

Works fine so far. Simple and easy

All seems to work relative fast. Price prediction feature (plot) is nice. Drawbacks: 1. Only one list of favorites. 2. When I call favorites automatically upon start, sometimes there is a delay “looking for location”. Huh? One does not need to know location to show favorites!


Download Free Fuel Flash MOD APK 1.23.3 For Android

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