LivePic Widget MOD + APK 1.4.8 For Android

Livepic is a widget that allows you to send photos straightly to the recipient’s Home Screen.

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LivePic Mod APK V1.3.51

Here is how LivePic works: you send a picture to a specific person or a group of people, and the picture automatically shows up on their home screens! People can also respond to you with another picture on your Home Screen!

LivePic Widget – LiveIn – app overview

What’s new on Livepic is that you can search & follow strangers on the app, and send photos in selected groups! For example, you can share your daily moments with your BFFs, get romantic with your significant other, and go creative with strangers!

 Free Download LivePic Mod APK V1.3.51 For Andriod

LivePic is also a great platform for influencers to connect with their followers in an intimate way. Fans who follow an influencer on LivePic will get a photo update on the Home Screen with a more private & personal touch.
There is so much more to LivePic!

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