Magic Video Maker v3.0.5 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Magic Video Maker – power director, gives you editing tools that will help you create stunning films. Within a matter of seconds, you can produce stunning quality, and captivating video. Because of this software and tools, you will have little difficulty creating movies and videos. Since it is here to help you and provide essential equipment that will help you make the ideal product.

Magic Video Maker


This program will help users in cutting or join videos according to their preferences. You can choose the length you want or cut segments into two parts or join a number of small videos to create a vlog or movie. One of the most memorable things you have is the fact editing, cutting and splitting don’t affect the quality or quality of the final video. Additionally, the speed of the speed-motion video will depend on your preference.

Magic Video Maker

Good VIDEO Filter COMBINATED with a plethora of different EFFECTS

There are a variety of effects you can use to edit your videos. If the video you are watching has a dark hue, then you can increase the brightness. Alternatively, you can select any other product to alter its color to make it more vivid and more appealing. In particular, you are able to alter the quality, brightness, sharpness as well as contrast of the images shown on the video in any way you like.

MUSIC Editor

Magic Video Maker

A video becomes more vibrant and enjoyable when it has a mix of music. It creates an impression of excitement and excitement. So, it is important to be thinking about your musical skills to add a memorable song and clearly display the information that is in the video. There is plenty of music free for you to listen to.

Pictures and text messages cannot be OMITTED

If you want your video to be captivating and catch the attention of everyone the look of stunning designs is crucial. They bring a new distinctness to your video photograph. Also, if make a video that contains explanations or demonstrations You should use the technique of inserting text into your video to enable viewers to read the text more easily.

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