Mindz – Mind Mapping Pro v1.3.91 APK (Paid)

Mindz takes inspiration from work-building drawing boards and provides users with all the features or tools necessary to design impressive mind mappings. Additionally, Mindz has a vast collection of creative concepts or designs for users to use and create efficient schedules for work. Real-time synchronization is an advantage for users to collaborate with colleagues in an ideal online setting.



Mindz gives users complete control over the viewing and customizing of mind mappings to facilitate review or interaction. Mind mapping within the program doesn’t have any restrictions in regard to dimensions, however, large projects will require many branches and be substantial in terms of size. It is a good thing that users can tailor the interface to enhance the capability to monitor or assess the development of mind mappings in complex or large-scale projects.


In addition to the control functions of each map, the users are able to make use of various useful tools and friendly tools to create mind mapping can be created. The app permits users to go any direction, such as dispersion and target, or even converge to create results. It also allows users to insert images or links, as well as other features to increase productivity or add important information quickly and efficiently.



Mind mapping requires different styles that highlight your importance to the subject or purpose of the tale. This is why Mindz will offer a broad choice of every common design or structure and an extensive variety of styles for each purpose or job. When there are structures or frames and additional content, they will all be adjusted to the specific style, in order to let users easily expand or design suitable mind maps.



The greatest benefit that the app offers anyone is the possibility to upload additional files including documents, photos, or media. This makes the information reduced and makes space instead of creating an endless text without specific directions. Of course, users are able to export their mind maps in a common format due to the wide support that allows for easy viewing and inspection even without this software.

SHARE with OTHER PEOPLE to form a GROUP working together

Because of the flexible features of Mindz users can collaborate on mind mappings and create engaging collaborative processes. The entire system will be updated in real-time to increase the efficiency of everyone’s work on specific content while ensuring complete security to avoid information leaks or loss. Therefore, groups working together will come with more engaging templates that allow users to assign tasks efficiently and are accompanied by a variety of other information.

Mindz promises to provide users with the features and amenities that they require to keep their work well-organized and easier to track. Mindz also includes a variety of enhancements to increase the productivity of everyone regardless of whether they are working by themselves or collaborating on big projects with coworkers.

  • Full control over map interaction improves the efficiency of users when working on large projects where aren’t able to handle all the information at once.
  • Many templates and concepts for users to explore and alter their mind mapping easily and no matter what method they choose, it will work as they help users to improve everything.
  • It is easy to input different data like attachments, media files, or links. You can also add additional extensions to boost the performance of mind mapping when offering an efficient workflow.
  • Simple tools that offer extensive options for users to personalize their maps with easy and thorough features.
  • Maps can be shared with other colleagues to boost productivity and update every change in real-time and providing the most secure working online conveniences.

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