Otherworld Legends MOD APK Latest (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Otherworld Legends MOD APK was launched to the public by its developer in a few months. Up to now, the game has been officially released. Users can download the game and play it fully. In the short time that it has been released, the game has drawn numerous players to play. The game quickly reached over 100 thousand downloads and 10 thousand playing in just a couple of days.

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Otherworld Legends Game Plot

Ausurendra is the oft-used master, who created the virtual world. The most powerful warriors of different realms were summoned. You’re one of them! As a participant in the training class of Ausurendra, You and the others must face a myriad of problems and obstacles. In the end, an individual will be selected to assist Ausurendra to find the mystery that was hidden for so long. Are you able to overcome all these obstacles?

Pick your character

Otherworld Legends is inspired by both Eastern and Western styles from a variety of phases and times. In turn, the character system has also been designed by this theme. This game is an amazing fantasy world filled with romantic scenery like serene bamboo groves, meditation areas underground mausoleums to dreamy castles that appear to be illusions.

Play as the main character

When you play the game and play as the main character, allowing you to take on the world and uncover the mysteries. Pick your character’s best outfits, and the most effective weapons and equipment to beat the adversaries. With each screen in the game you’ll slowly unravel the mystery, and finally, discover the true story behind the game.

Control keys and Game sensitivity 

Concerning the control keys, the game’s control keys are simple. Otherworld Legends is designed quite simply. The scroll button is still in the left-hand corner of the screen, and the buttons for skill are on the right side, like in many other games that require action. You can surely master the game from the beginning there is no need to be familiar with it.

Characters Detail 

Ausurendra has summoned numerous famous heroes to the illusion. Thus, you’ll be able to choose from many characters to pick from. All heroes are in the first room. In the room, you will find all of their information such as stats, abilities, and weapons … There is a choice of heroes. are able to select the character you want to take part in the next mission. Every character will have their own distinct fighting style, ranging from melee, long-range, or magic.

Variety of fighting styles

You’ll earn a lot of gold and treasures when you defeat monsters. The items you receive tend to be aids. It could be described as a potion or a temporary boost … It is essential, as it can be used to purchase weapons and equipment that improve your performance while in the training club.

Since there are a variety of fighting styles, the weapon arsenal is quite different. The gloves are for melee characters and the bows are for ranged fighting or magic wand. The feature of fusion helps you to combine the most effective equipment to match your style of fighting.

Play In  Different Maps

The extensive and varied screen system is also an advantage of this game. It offers players a never-ending adventure. The lengthy and difficult task boosts players’ spirits. Every screen has been designed to resemble the shape of squares.

In order to get to the next one, you must eliminate all monsters that are in the current spot. In the final square, you will encounter a number of monsters, and only after defeating them all can you change the scene. Every level comes with an undiscovered square that will give you items to help you, and utilize these.

Otherworld Legends MOD Featuers

  • Enjoy a thrilling, exciting game with action-packed excitement
  • Different character systems Each character has a unique style and fighting abilities
  • Different levels of play with various difficulty levels for players to master
  • Boss has a distinct shape that looks like a giant knight, or cute, silly beast…
  • You can unlock the list of items that will equip the character
  • There are combo-style recipes to help you to select the appropriate gear to match your fighting style.
  • A myriad of unexpected challenges await you within the Dungeon
  • Its control mechanism is easy and easy to learn to
  • The classic 2D style graphic in Pixel style
  • Together with 3D animations for an amazing experience


Otherworld Legends MOD Graphics

Otherworld Legends is a unique combination that combines 2D and 3D Pixel art styles that features amazing hand-drawn animation. A large scene with a crazy old style that provides a fresh experience to players. Gorgeous skill effects are an essential aspect of the game.

The way buttons are laid out and abilities in RPG action games is not a huge leap for the modern-day player. But, Otherworld Legends can also aid players in deciding on their individual goals. It is easy to target your abilities at opponents and unleash amazing combos with only one or two taps. The fluid movement of the character can also help players to perform more precise movements.

MOD version APK 

  • Sapphires that are endless, gems and rubies amplifiers of weapons, and resurrection cards
  • VIP (club membership) purchased;
  • All characters and their abilities are available for unlocking
  • Ad impressions deleted;
  • Once you’ve started the game click the round button on the top left, to open the mod menu. It offers several options to choose from:
  • The number of products they are sold rises;
  • Passive enemies.

Download Bellow Otherworld Legends MOD APK for Android

Yet again, Chilly Room offers a fake game that is an extremely addicting single game. Even though the visuals of the game may not be top-quality but it’s still enjoyed by a large number of players. It is not for everyone who is a fan of modern trends in gaming and graphics are not the best. If you are a fan of game-playing, you should not be able to ignore any action games. Why are you still waiting before downloading Otherworld Legends MOD APK to test it out!

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