PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.16.127 (Unlimited Hack)

Get the new game PUBG New State APK for Android and enjoy a wholly improved experience of the classic PUBG Mobile!

PUBG New State Mod APK free download for Android

Download PUBG New State MOD APK – the latest version – for Android. Enjoy the new battle royale launched by PUBG Studios and its games with up to 100 players! This version has some minor but significant differences from the original mobile PUBG app, including a completely new interface, enhanced performance, and new special effects that will make your gaming experience even more exciting!


PUBG’s New installment is here Get Free

When it comes to popular gaming apps, PUBG Mobile is right up there with the best of them. The app is free-to-play and has been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide since its launch in 2017. With over 70 million copies sold for PC and consoles, the app’s popularity is a genuine global phenomenon that players of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy wherever they are thanks to its availability on just about any smartphone.

PUBG is a video game that’s been around since 2017, but despite its age, it’s still hugely popular; with more than 70 million copies sold worldwide, and more than 1 billion downloads of the mobile version alone, it’s one of the most downloaded and sought-after games around. One reason PUBG has remained so popular is simply that it’s free to play – which means anyone can download it at any time without worrying about paying anything! The format of the game is also very well suited to handheld devices, which makes it perfect for playing on smaller screens during your commute or over a cup of coffee with friends.


Learn More About PUBG New State App?

PUBG New State APK has been developed by PUBG Studios which makes use of many of the features labeled as important to the previous version. It’s a fun, online game where you have to compete against other players on maps that can have up to 100 people. There are vehicles, new weapons and equipment, new maps, and many more improvements the developers have made in order to ensure you get the most exciting player experience possible! So what are you waiting for? Download this masterpiece today and get into the battle!

A new PUBG game for you Free

Unlike what happens with other studios such as Rockstar or Bethesda, who are content to recycle over and over again their immensely popular titles such as GTA V or Skyrim, PUBG Studios has decided just four years after the initial release of PUBG to develop a new game version with a lot of content refreshed like the graphics engine which only adds onto and aims to further enhance players’ enjoyment.

PUBG Studios want to stay true to its roots – the original classic PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Mobile game. The studio is dedicated to remaining 100% authentic. So developers are working on developing new weapons, maps, graphics, and a better gaming experience for the fans of this mobile MMO shooting game.

PUBG New State 2022 Features

  • The new game is from the creators of PUBG Mobile. If you were expecting a new update for PUBG Mobile, it turns out that PUBG Studios has brought you a complete game! Now, with PUBG New State, you will be able to enjoy all the features of PUBG Mobile on your phone as well as many improved and new elements that make it one of the best games for smartphones!
  • One of the most anticipated features by players is incorporating new maps that allow you to enjoy this game like never before. Thanks to them, you will be able to take advantage of the experience you already have in PUBG Mobile to move like never before on maps that will be new for both you and your rivals.
  • Games up to 100 players. A battle royale game is very large if you can enjoy each map battle with a maximum of 100 players. In this way, your skill and aim will be everything on a map where strategy is no longer necessary to win, but your accuracy and speed are.
  • In PUBG New State, which is promised to be an even bigger update, you’ll have a chance to use new and better weapons and you’ll also have your pick of various available tools and boosts. You’ll also get a chance to investigate 2 new vehicles that will allow for more exciting gameplay.
  • PUBG New State has undergone a graphic overhaul, with improved textures and streamlined game control. We’re including Vulkan as part of this update, a resource that should boost the resolution of your visuals while also improving how quickly you can play.
  • New Factions for New Players. In this new PUBG Mobile update, players will find new options to choose from allowing their characters to give off more personal styles and features. These are just a few of the many interesting updates in this game!

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