Smart Launcher V6-048 APK MOD (Premium Unlocked, Extra)

Smart Launcher 6 is an easy-to-use launcher that has many features. Smart Launcher 6 is a versatile launcher that can be used to access all smart auto features on your mobile phone.

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Install Smart Launcher 6

Smart Launcher 6 launches the Android operating system. Smart Launcher 6 offers many great features and is versatile. It is highly customizable and can be customized to suit your needs. Every experience has its own style, content, and strength. This gives you tons of customization options for your device.

Smart Launcher 6

Apps can be automatically sorted

Applications can be automatically organized in categories or at different locations. All user interactions are made with one finger. You won’t waste your time organizing icons. You’re still allowed to add and organize any other apps that you wish.

Various icon packs

Smart Launcher 6 offers a wide range of icon packs. Each icon pack is unique and stands out. The arrangement can be easily resized to your liking.

It is possible to upload personal images if the icon packs are not what you prefer. Your interface will also be more vibrant and beautiful thanks to these icons.

Smart Search Toolbar

This app is great for smart searches. The Smart Launcher 6 search bar makes it easy to find apps and contacts quickly. Users can perform simple actions like searching the internet, adding contacts, or doing calculations. Smart Launcher 6 makes everything searchable quickly.

A suggested list will also appear every time you use the search bar. This list contains all the most-used apps. Smart Launcher 6 will update automatically based on your app usage log.

These suggestions suggest information that may be directly or indirectly related to the keyword you are searching for. This improves search speed and provides deeper coverage.

For a more extensive experience, customize

It can be completely customized to your liking. There are endless combinations of colors available, so you can change the theme color. You can also choose from thousands upon thousands of fonts available on Google Fonts to replace your existing fonts. The app offers many amazing features and other tools. The application allows users to choose the most attractive phone screen.

Secure security settings

It keeps your apps protected and optimized. You can hide apps that you wish to keep a secret. Protect them by creating a password that allows only you to access the PIN. Since then, users’ secrets and privacy are protected.

A wide range of utilities

This has many other utilities, including:

  • Your wallpaper will automatically match the theme colors.
  • You can easily turn off the screen with a double tap or by swiping up to bring up the notification panel.
  • The app has been completely redesigned to show information such as weather, alarms, and next events.

MOD APK version Smart Launcher 6

MOD features

  • Pro Unlocked

The Pro version has more features than the regular one. The MOD version offers more features, such as:

  • Unlock Pro version
  • Register for Smart Launcher 6. Join the Smart Launcher 6 community
  • Remove ads
  • Remove Logo

Get the latest Smart Launcher MOD APK version for Android

Smart Launcher 6 is a top choice if you want to improve your personal experience. It is easy to set up and optimize your process for searching, managing, and retrieving information,… from your smartphone. Get the app quickly to get the best features.

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