SpotiQ v12.4.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Spotify introduces you to a new and exciting world of music using its own equalizer. Users can choose to have a graphic equalizer that has five different frequency bands that they can select from. Additionally, you can access hundreds of presets to suit the specific settings you want to choose from before switching on the audio player to provide you with the most enjoyable experience.

SpotiQ v12.4.0 MOD APK


This app is a revolutionary and distinctive music equalizer, developed which is partnership with Spotify and Spotify. That’s the reason we’re connecting directly to the unlimited music store, which gives users incredible capability. Users can create playlists within Spotify when using Spotify. There’s nothing better than the moment you are able to swiftly scroll through the application in order to search and select among a range of fresh playlists, and then enjoy it in pristine audio quality.

SpotiQ v12.4.0 MOD APK


BASS ENGINEERINGWhen it comes down to SpotiQ customers, they can’t overlook the bass booster function. This unique feature has attracted thousands of customers to join and pick us up until the very last minute. You can alter the volume to make your music more natural. Additionally, you can also enhance the subwoofer and the sub-bass system, especially for you.

SpotiQ v12.4.0 MOD APK


If you’re a professional musician or simply a music lover and connoisseur, you are able to operate this application without obstruction. This is because the interface system is able to take care of every aspect, and is optimized for all types of users. It is basically split into 2 parts and the lower one is controlled by commands; while the upper portion is the part that displays the changes in the rhythm. In addition, we allow users to use both vertical and horizontal interfaces.

Set up your auto-settings
Additionally, you can modify the in-depth parameters related to music, and users can use SpotiQ equipped with a pre-installed music collection. There is a lot of brand new sound presets to every song you like and listen to your favorite songs. We can also help you detect automatically the Spotify tracks that will sync and use different presets based on the preferences of the user.

SpotiQ v12.4.0 MOD APK

The most important features of the product are

  • UX/UI for an application for audio equalization that is easy and simple to make use of
  • Music app controls that are pre-set that are easy to utilize
  • A variety of brand-new sound effects for your favorite songs are now available.
  • Songs on Spotify are automatically detected and set up.
  • Enjoy the best audio quality for your music.
  • You can make unending numbers of dynamic and standard sound effects.
  • Make use of Google Drive’s automated Google Drive backups.

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