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“Surah App Quran Majeed – تطبيق سورة” is one of the applications that the Tafsir Center for Qur’anic Studies developed, it’s an online mus’haf and provides users with a great tool for ease of use as well as appealing and user-friendly interface.

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Quran Majeed APK Download

This application gives you access to high-quality features at a scale that is unmatched by any other online Qur’anic application including (word, Ayah, page, and Surah) & some of those features are provided by no other application of their kind in the world market to date.

About Surah App Quran Majeed – تطبيق سورة

“Surah App – تطبيق سورة” has made it easier to read and understand the Qur’ān. The “Surah” app was created to be a digital version of the Mus’haf, which can be accessed via multiple interfaces that will provide its users with an easy time. It gives users everything they could want from Qur’anic applications: some features are offered for the first time at this level such as words, ayahs, pages, and suras (chapters) of the holy text.

Qur’anic applications Help

Through its interface, it makes reading and understanding this Quran so much simpler by offering many features including word meanings, it has been translated over time into hundreds of languages by recruiters who have been carefully selected so as to avoid inaccurate translations or false interpretations.

Translations in multiple languages

Helps to understand the meanings of The Noble Qur’an through a set of scientific content services that are audited and trusted, under the supervision of the Tafsir Center for Qur’anic Studies team, in explaining unfamiliar Qur’anic terms, interpretation (Tafseer), Revelation causes, and circumstances, the virtues of surahs and Ayahs, the number of Ayahs in each Surah, translations in multiple languages.

Other features

Other features include commentaries from scholars and preachers including Dr. Zakir Naik (India), Shaykh Yusuf Estes (US), Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi (US), Mufti Menk (South Africa), and Mufti Sajid Khan sahib Jilani sahib Janab Chinoy (South Africa), among others.

Provides easy access to translations of Quranic verses that make it easy to understand the meanings behind them. These come with plenty of helpful notes and explanations that help bring the meaning right home to you.

You can also investigate their site further by clicking on resources and tools where they will guide you through some new or difficult words, or you can go even deeper by investigating their tafsir features which discuss the causes and circumstances as well as some additional practices carried out by Prophet Muhammad (saw).

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